• Theatre of Senses creates blind participatory performances.
  • It is a sensitive experience of movement, touch, soundscape, smell, taste, text, atmosphere and interpersonal interaction.
  • The notion of "performed" theatre takes on a radically new meaning as the performance is not only for the audience’s eyes on the performers body and talk, but for all the senses of the audience.
  • The stage location of action of Theatre the Senses is not only the physical space in the “stage", but in the mind of the individual audience member.
  • Theatre of Senses turns the body into the stage of a sensorial theatre.
  • Actor in Theatre of Senses is a guide who creates an empathic space of experience for both blind and sighted.

Karolina Žernytė

Šarūnė Pečiukonytė

Vaidotas Bačianskas
Aistė Jančiūtė
Artūras Lepiochinas
Jaunius Pisaravičius
Raminta Šniaukštaitė

Simona Nemeikšytė, Viltautė Žemelytė