Karolina Žernytė
Director, actress, puppeteer, contact improvisation dancer.
Aistė Jančiūtė
Visual artist, experimentator, unconventional theatre practitioner, performer and dance improvisation educator.

The human body and sense of touch are central to Aiste's practice. The aim of her work is to increase self-awareness, body consciousness and encourage participants to feel the joy of the present moment. Aiste’s practice fuses somatic experience, experimentation with tactile objects, interactive audiovisual installations and text.
Šarūnė Pečiukonytė
Stage designer.
Raminta Šniaukštaitė
Actress, contact improvisation dancer.
Jaunius Pisaravičius
Playwrighter, philosopher, contact improvisation dancer.
Artūras Lepiochinas
Actor, light and technical part designer.
Vaidotas Bačianskas
Actor, musician.