Stone Water Sting
Elements of the ancient Lithuanian mythology have served as an inspiration for the performance and have brought the performance closer to the viewer’s physiology by means of perception theatre techniques. Actors on stage don’t tell a story, imitate characters or create their personalities. The archetypes of birth and death, transformation and nature, space and home, departure and arrival appear with no explanation. They are like perceptively experienced situations or experiences of a consciousness reborn to an exchange of places between blindness and sight.
Photos by Vytautas Petrošius
Director: Karolina Žernytė
Dramaturg: Kristupas Sabolius
Scenopgrapher: Eglė Lekevičiūtė
Perfomers: Neringa Krunglevičiūtė, Ieva Pakštytė, Raminta Šniaukštaitė, Donatas Stakėnas, Justina Burakaitė, Vaidotas Bačianskas, Karolina Kontenytė, KristinaŠvenčionytė, Artūras Lepiochinas.
Technical rider
60 minutes
The piece is in English without translation. There is no script of the piece.
Minimum size 12 meters per 12 meters. Black box. No dance floor.
Lights full up, wash
2 HF microphones hung on the performers’ T-shirts
A 4 hour rehearsal is required